Security Services

By not being bound to any particular products, we utilize seamless partnerships with a vast and dynamic network of resources which includes our own developed systems.  We are therefore able to provide our clients with an all-inclusive solution to their specific needs, sparing our clients the frustrations of dealing with multiple contractors.  From conceptual design to the installation and maintenance of our systems, our vigorous attention to detail within a flexible approach to individual specifications ensures our clients receive complete satisfaction with optimum cost effectiveness.

Some of the reasons that our projects are so successful, and or customers are so pleased are because not only do we offer a minimum of a one year warranty on all of our products but we offer a one year warranty on all workmanship. We cannot afford to do a bad installation as we would then have to carry the cost of repairing it as well as affecting our reputation.


  • All CCTV, incl. video over IP
  • Access control, incl. LPR, Biometric and facial recognition
  • Wireless based solutions
  • Development and problem solving
  • Entire maintenance and backup functions
  • Total system integration
  • All other communication methods
  • Electric fencing solutions for corporate and domestic
  • Gate automation
  • Intrusion monitoring and alarm solutions
  • Network infrastructure


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